Gravitational Radiation Antenna In Leiden

Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Last update: October 6 - 2007

The MiniGRAIL detector is a cryogenic 68 cm diameter spherical gravitational wave antenna made of CuAl(6%) alloy with a mass of 1400 Kg, a resonance frequency of 2.9 kHz and a bandwidth around 230 Hz, possibly higher. The quantum-limited strain sensitivity dL/L would be ~4x10-21. The antenna will operate at a temperature of 20 mK. An other similar detector is being built in São Paulo, which will strongly increase the chances of detection by looking at coincidences. The sources we are aiming at are for instance, non-axisymmetric instabilities in rotating single and binary neutron stars, small black-hole or neutron-star mergers etc.

This project is financially supported by
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